Why Secure Access?

Managed Firewall

Intrusion Detection/Prevention

Managed VPN

Managed Content Filtering

Managed Gateway Spam Eradication

Managed Gateway Anti-Virus

Security Consulting

Security Consulting

The Challenge

Network protection, data privacy, compliance with regulatory requirements and overall security is an on-going process requiring continuous improvement in response to changing technologies, threats and user demands. Keeping up with this change requires security experts for a variety of needs ranging from policy development and best practices to application security and network architecture. Finding the right security expert quickly can make the difference between business continuity and a serious security breach.

The Solution

Weircom can support your organization with proven security methodologies and best practices. By utilizing our knowledge and experience we are able to provide relevant security policy, architecture, program implementation and continuous process improvement solutions. SecureAccess optimizes network configurations to increase defense effectiveness, improve detection capabilities and create natural links between policy and operations. By customizing solutions specifically designed for your organization, SecureAccess Security Consulting Services can provide a complete security policy to provide you with piece of mind.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Assess Policies and Procedures
  • Network and Application Penetration Testing
  • Create a security action plan
  • Measure to industry standards
  • Develop custom filters