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SecureAccess Managed Gateway Anti-Virus Service (MGAV) Features:

  • We ensure 100% protection from all virus types in the wild: Polymorphic or self-encrypting viruses, stealth-viruses, Viruses for Windows 9x, NT,200x, UNIX New Java-applet viruses, Internet worms and Trojans, Microsoft Outlook and Express viruses Macro viruses infecting Word doc's, Excel tables, PowerPoint presentations, Help-files, etc
  • Real-time inbound and outbound Gateway based virus detection and quarantine. This protects your mail server from sending or receiving an infected email!
  • 24x7x365 Toll-free phone and email support available from our Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Virus Infection and Security Incident escalation procedures are tailored to fit your business needs.
  • New virus signatures are updated at least twice daily to protect you against the latest threats.
  • Proactive prevention from Internet worm and hybrid (blended) threat outbreaks.
  • SecureAccess's Kaspersky Anti-Virus Module has been rated one of the three best anti-virus programs in the world over the past five years!
  • Secure web-based interface to access quarantined emails with options to delete or forward messages.
  • Detailed quarantine activity reports available at our secure customer portal.
  • Fast Deployment due to seamless integration of the SecureAccess managed anti-virus gateway into your existing network. No changes are required to your Mail Server, Client Desktop, DNS or MX records!
  • Client can configure: Sender, Recipient and Administrator notification of infected file.
  • Second-generation heuristic analyzer is designed to detect yet unknown viruses and provides extremely effective defenses against polymorphic and macro viruses, malware, Internet-worms, Trojans, harmful Java, ActiveX applets and other active content.
  • Automatically opens and inspects ZIP files and most other archived files to any nesting level. /span>
  • Certifications: International Computer Security Association (ICSA), Check Mark Certified from West Coast Labs
  • Can be configured to block any typically unauthorized attachment file type: .exe, .vbf, .pif, .bat, .scr, .mp3.
  • Access to the worlds largest Anti-Virus Research Library. It contains detailed information on 30,000 virii, Trojans, worms, etc. Go to:
SecureAccess Managed Gateway Anti-Virus Service (MGAV) Specifications:

All popular operating systems, email servers and email client applications are supported. The SecureAccess Managed Gateway Anti-Virus can be quickly and easily installed and used to protect:

Workstations: DOS, Windows 95/98/Me/XP, Servers: 2000/2003/NT/XP and OS/2, Linux, Solaris
File servers: Windows NT/2000/2003 Server, Novell NetWare, All Linux versions
e-mail gateways: MS Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix, Exim

Why do you need Managed Anti-Virus Service from SecureAccess?
  • It is difficult to estimate the damage that a virus will cause your company, but the average incident costs over $280,000 according to the 2002 FBI Crime and Security survey.
  • A single virus infection incident will have significant hard costs for your company. For example: the time required to reformat servers and workstations and install new operating systems and the reloading of applications as well as employee downtime during eradication. There are also substantial costs to your corporate image if you allow the spread of a virus to other partners, clients, off site users, etc.
  • We are certified security experts and we take the time to keep up to the minute on all of the latest developments in virus eradication research and newly released viruses. You should be focusing on your business, not on updating a new virus signature at 4:00am! That's our job!
  • A number of viruses install backdoors to your computer system so that the hacker can capture your passwords as you type them, or view the entire contents of your hard drive. Imagine having a hacker having access to your bank accounts, corporate confidential documents or gathering all of the information needed to be able to impersonate you! This type of crime is on the rise, don't be a victim!
  • The speed that the newest viruses can spread via the Internet is dramatic. Some Microsoft Outlook viruses can infect every employee in your company and every person in your contact list in just a few seconds. You can't stay up every night and work weekends to watch for and prevent the latest virus attack. We do!
  • You are vulnerable to application and operating system exploits if you don't patch your servers and workstations almost weekly. You don't have the time to test and install patches every time one is released. You should have a layer of defense ahead of your servers that is updated several times a day so it is protecting you from the latest threats. SecureAccess can safeguard your critical IT assets!
SecureAccess Relationship Bonus Features:

  • Free Content Filtering Engine and software system updates for the life of the service!
  • "SecureAccess Security Trends" subscription. Our e-newsletter provides your staff with concise information about current security trends, threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Access to our experienced, certified Security Analysts and Engineers.
  • Discounts on other security products, Internet service, training and consulting services.
  • SecureAccess analysts and security engineers review and receive, on a daily basis, information from hundreds of sources to ensure we are constantly abreast of the latest security threats thereby enabling us to understand and respond to your critical security issues.