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SecureAccess Managed Firewall is a Linux-based firewall solution that was designed and developed by our team of security experts.

The SecureAccess Firewall ensures the highest level of security by tracking and controlling the flow of communication passing through it with the use of "stateful packet inspection". As a state of the art firewall, the SecureAccess provides strong and transparent protection to minimize vulnerabilities and deliver a company wide security policy.

SecureAccess Managed Firewall is available in the following configurations:

  • SecureAccess Router Mode: The SecureAccess can be implemented in-line in a router mode giving it the ability to handle the routing of packets on the network.
  • SecureAccess Bridge Mode: The SecureAccess bridge deployment offers true plug & play transparent network integration. This reduces the pain for network administrators, as no restructuring of the network topology is necessary.
SecureAccess Managed Firewall (MFW) Features:
  • Connection tracking capability: The ability to perform stateful packet inspection and set access control policies for the network.
  • Network Address Translation: The ability to hide internal IP addresses for better-improved security and simplified IP management. The SecureAccess supports one-to-one, static and dynamic NAT mappings.
  • Hacker defense: SecureAccess Firewall has built in protection for IP spoofing, ICMP floods, TCP SYN flood attacks, UDP floods and Smurf attacks.
  • Web Caching: SecureAccess offers transparent proxying and caching of HTTP, FTP, and other URL's.
  • DMZ Capabilities: A de-militarized zone (DMZ) separates an external network from accessing an internal network. The SecureAccess can have up to six interfaces allowing the network to be segmented into multiple networks and providing each network with its own access control policies as well as inter-network policies.
  • High-Availability: Allows for dual SecureAccess's to be installed parallel on the network for automatic failover.
Why do you need Managed Firewall Service from SecureAccess?
  • Corporate Bottom Line Improvement: No expensive firewall equipment or software maintenance contracts to purchase or security experts to configure and manage them. This allows your Network Administrators to focus on high value business projects and real security incidents and lets us deal with tedious firewall configuration, support and management.
  • Risk Mitigation Strategy: Ignoring the risk to your business does not make it go away. MFW is an effective method to reduce information security risks in communication between networks!
  • Tangible ROI Benefits: Stronger security stance, regulatory compliance, successful audits, better incident handling and improved security awareness.
  • We are certified security experts and we invest the time to keep current on the latest developments in VPN management and deployment research. You should be focusing on your business, not on managing your VPN connections! That's our job!
  • You don't have the time to manage your own firewall: You can't stay up every night and work weekends to monitor logs and prevent unauthorized network activity.
  • Security Incident Participation: We can help respond with security expert and forensic analysis tools as well as updates to your security incident escalation procedures so they are designed specifically to address your business needs, information assets, and legal requirements.
SecureAccess Relationship Bonus Features:
  • Free Managed Firewall software system updates for the life of the service!
  • "SecureAccess Security Trends" subscription. Our e-newsletter provides your staff with concise information about current security trends, threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Access to our experienced, certified Security Analysts and Engineers.
  • Discounts on other security products, Internet service, training and consulting services.
  • SecureAccess analysts and security engineers review and receive, on a daily basis, information from hundreds of sources to ensure we are constantly abreast of the latest security threats thereby enabling us to understand and respond to your critical security issues.